About me

Being in business for over 6 years with many clients that have been with me since the beginning, I pride myself on providing the absolute best quality you can get. No expense was spared in my pursuit of perfection.

Many years of experience makes all the difference to guarantee that your order will be delivered safely with your security as top priority.

All raws are tested through mass spec to determine the purity and identity before work. If we’re not 100% on it, we won’t sell it.

Finished injectables are filtered and bottled under a laminar flow hood to guarantee a sterile environment and a final product free of any foreign contaminants. That’s why you’ll find our products have minimal or non existent post injection pain depending on the product.

Labels are professionally made and text is clear. Most find our presentation similar to pharmaceutical grade. Vials are durable and high quality to minimize risk of damage during transit. Seals tear off cleanly without any rips to finish off a perfect product.

Encapsulated products like orals and ancillaries are mixed evenly using a pharmaceutical mixer and will guarantee an accurately dosed product. They are packed and sealed to prevent any risk of tampering.

I enjoy doing this, perfecting my craft, and getting to know my clients beyond the business transaction. Knowing I’m able to contribute and shape someones life positively is rewarding as hell. We’re in this to build our life up how we want it, not to destroy it.

I hope my products can attest to all this and thank you for reading this!

P.S. if you just want to email me and say hi, feel free to!

Most respectfully,