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  • All orders placed on this site will earn you points! Each $1 spent = 1 point. You may redeem your points to pay for part or all of your next order (excluding shipping). Each point = $0.05

  • Bulk discount: Orders over $1000 gets 10% off and over $2000 gets 15% off

  • Give us a review and get $30 off your next order! To redeem, please email me a link to your review and I will provide you a coupon code. (Limit: 1 per order within a 1 month period)

  • Up to $200 store credit for blood work (uncapped results). Must be taken during a cycle. No post or pre cycle tests. You will be required to post your results on the forum with private info redacted. Please email me for more info.
  • $300 store credit plus reimbursement for donor product for finished product testing through mass spec (HPLC) with third party lab. Please email me if you need a lab to test.

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10 SEP 2023: Back to work as usual and orders are shipping out usually within the next working day if placed through the site! I am also doing a lot better in terms of recovery and almost at 100%. I truly appreciate all the kind words and concerns for my health and well being!

I’ve also updated and increased the rewards for reviews, blood work credit, and finished product testing!

Also due to the rising costs of materials, raws, and costs of business, prices of some products might change over the next month or two. It won’t be any more than 10% and I’ll do my best to keep prices mostly the same.

25 JUN 2023: My deepest apologies for anyone who placed an order between Jun 15 until now. I recently got into an accident and was unable to get on to close up my shop or update anyone due being paralyzed and hospitalized. I just got discharged and currently on a lot of painkillers as it hurts to move. I’m currently handicapped from the waist down but the surgeon says I should be able to make a quick recovery so long as I stay on top of my physical therapy. Again, I’m terribly sorry anyone who might have ordered or emailed me during this time.

I will be closing up my shop temporarily so no new orders come in. I know a ton of you placed one and are expecting to to receive it. I should be clear within a few days to start working again. It will take some time though as I won’t be as productive as before due to my current condition. Pretty much using a wheelchair and walker to get around currently.

Anyone who would like a refund for their order instead of waiting, please email me and provide me with your refund address and order number. I will issue it right away. For security reasons, please email me from the same email you used to place your order on the site.

It’s difficult to say when I will make a full recovery but I will be resuming work again in a few days. The pain is starting to subside and I feel I am capable to at least move around without significant pain.

I will be doing my best to go through all the emails ASAP also. Thank you guys for the understanding!

18 APR 2023: Shipping will be paused between May 1-8! No orders will be shipping out but you’re still able to place one. It just won’t ship until May 9th. I may close off orders at any time if it reaches my max threshold during this period. Emails will still be replied to! This temporary break will be to help me spare some time to finish up setting up new equipment and logistics in place to help improve our production and shipping capacity.

Tablets: Tablets have already started and I’ve begun working on the transition from capsules. Everything will be switching over to well pressed tablets within these next few weeks and mostly during the first week of May.

Primo E: I’ve already gotten news it is on the way and I should have it ready any day now. Expect it back in stock within 1-2 days.

Bold Cyp: I have it in my hands and awaiting pending test results before I start working on it. Expect it in stock in about a day.

New Labels: You guys might have noticed new labels! These will be updated with new product pictures on the site asap. These new labels are water resistant and are applied by machine so they are aligned near perfectly. No more crooked labels!

11 FEB 2023: Unfortunately, my site broke down after updating a software for the order management system and I was unable to recover a good number of orders placed between Feb 9-10. If you don’t see your order in your account, don’t worry! I have the order and all the details saved and your order will be shipping out as usual. I will attempt to restore the orders to your account and allocate the reward points in the mean time. However, this will take me some time as I am prioritizing shipping out the orders first.

I just wanted you guys to know your order is safe and will be shipped out soon even though it’s not reflected on the site at this moment. If there’s anyone that is still missing their order within a few days, please email me and I will make sure to rectify the situation.

I am also taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for understanding!

30 August 2022: With the new improvement to productivity, I’m now able to offer bulk discount pricing based off the total amount spent to help incentivize larger orders. It’ll be automatically discounted after your order subtotal reaches $1000 (for 10% off) and $2000 (for 15% off). Orders are still going out same business day also! I appreciate everyone for their business and support!