How to order

You have two options to order! Ordering through this website (preferred) or through email.

Order Statuses:

Pending payment – Order is waiting for payment to be received

Cancelled – Payment window expired and order is automatically cancelled. Order is no longer reserved. You may still pay to the same address if it’s cancelled but will have to email to me so I can get your order processed

Processing – Payment has been received and order is being prepared for shipment

Completed – Order is already shipped out. Expect to receive it within 2-3 working days. You may email me with your order number if you would like to request the tracking number.

On hold – Something is delaying your order. Reason for the delay can be found in the notes section of your Orders detail. You may also email me to make alternative arrangements or for more information.


  1. Add everything to cart and proceed to check out
  2. Make sure meet the order minimum
  3. Please triple check your shipping info to make sure it’s absolutely correct. I will not be responsible for incorrect shipping and it will be your loss.
  4. Orders placed on the site will give you points towards your next purchase! These don’t expire so you may use it anytime
  5. You will have about 12 hours to pay for your order so please have payment ready or your order will be cancelled after the payment window expires.
  6. Funds sent after the 12 hour window will still be accepted but your order will be considered “Cancelled.” You must email me to notify me that payment is sent so that I can override and change your order to “processing” or else your order will never ship
  7. Once payment receives confirmation, your order change to “Processing.” I will prepare it for shipment during this time
  8. If there is any delay, your order will be changed to “On hold.” I will provide a note with details for the delay in your order details under Account -> Orders .
  9. As soon as your order ships, it will be updated to “Completed” and you should expect to receive your order within 2-3 working days. If you would like your tracking number, please send me an email and provide your order number AFTER your order is updated to “Completed.”
  10. If you run into any issue at all, please email me.


  1. Look up the products you’d like to order on this site and make sure it’s in stock
  2. Email me your order list along with your preferred payment method (cryptocurrency only)
  3. I’ll send over your payment instructions
  4. Send over another email to confirm your payment and provide your shipping info. Make sure it’s correct as incorrect info will be considered your loss
  5. I’ll send over another email when your order ships and provide the tracking number

My only TWO email addresses are below. Please beware of other similar email addresses that may pose to be me. Lower or upper case does not matter and is the same.

Main Email/Protonmail users:

Backup Email/Tutanota users: