HGH 100iu kit (Gold top)

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Name: HGH (aka Human growth hormone)

Dose: 10iu/vial (100iu total)

Container: 10 vials containing freeze dried HGH powder in unlabeled cardboard box. Does NOT come with sterile/bacteriostatic water.

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5 reviews for HGH 100iu kit (Gold top)

  1. Jason B (verified owner)

    This is legit the best HGH kits I, and all my customers have ever run. It says 100iu per kit but I’m guessing that’s a very low estimate, this seems closer to 140-160iu per kit in my opinion. Sorry it’s always out of stock that’s probably my fault. But I’m gonna keep buying it all up because this is a F*ing bad ass product. Hunter has always been top toch quality on all their products, and this HGH is no difference!

  2. Matthew M (verified owner)

    I have had other growth before this is too of the line for me and the only one I come back to. If your looking to get quality HGH then shop with hunter pharm.

  3. GXXN (verified owner)

    I’ve been using HP for several years. When I was ready to start GH, I ordered 6 of these. I’ve been running 4iu a day AM/PM for a few months now and I’m definitely starting to see some great results! A recent test showed this batch was over-dosed at 11-12iu per bottle. Result info came from HP’s labs. HP continues to be my go to for basically everything. I’ve never had any issues and his friendly communication is a huge part of why I come back. Thanks for everything!

  4. Dsantos1287 (verified owner)

    Hands down this is the best HGH ever!! This is an amazing product and I will only purchase from H.P

  5. JayBravo (verified owner)

    High quality, consistent HGH. Great packaging and labeling. 10/10

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